Aligning Industry, Context, and Region for Lasting Impact


Our sustainability and responsible tourism commitments

Stay Sustainably

To us, sustainability encompasses both environmental and social aspects.

Crafting a Purposeful Path Aligned with Context and Industry

Sustainability is a multifaceted concept with various nuances that depend on the location, industry, and goals of an organization. At our accommodation, we are committed to continuously developing and embarking on a sustainability journey that is carefully tailored to our specific industry and operational context while remaining regionally appropriate.

Our Environmental Sustainability Journey

We align ourselves with industry best practices, drawing insights from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s Industry Criteria and other global standards. While not all of these criteria are currently applicable to our portfolio, we regularly assess their relevance and implement them wherever feasible within our units and operations.

South Africa’s economy is characterized by a high carbon footprint, with the production of each megawatt hour of grid electricity generating nearly 1 ton of greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the region faces water scarcity, utilizing all available freshwater resources and periodically experiencing drought. Consequently, energy and water efficiency are paramount on our sustainability journey. Moreover, we acknowledge the environmental and socioeconomic implications throughout our value chain and prioritize sourcing from local suppliers whenever possible.

Currently our sustainability principles include the following minimum interventions in apartments:

  • Provide guests with information about local, sustainable, and walkable options for shopping, dining, exercising, public transportation, and visiting local sights and attractions. We also highlight small local businesses that are worth considering and supporting.
  • Engage guests who stay in our units in actively shaping our sustainability measures and interventions. We value their input and believe that their participation can contribute to ongoing improvements in our sustainability efforts.
  • Furnished with locally produced furniture, fittings, and tableware whenever possible. We prioritize supporting local artisans and craftsmen, reducing transportation emissions, and promoting the local economy.
  • Stocked with eco-friendly and locally produced guest amenities, including hand wash, body wash, shampoo, and soap. By using these products, we aim to minimize environmental impact and support local businesses that prioritize sustainable practices.
  • Each unit incorporates natural elements, such as plants, natural finishes, and fibres, creating a soothing and environmentally friendly ambiance for our guests.
  • We prioritize maximizing natural light, ventilation, and views in each unit. By doing so, we enhance the connection between our guests and the surrounding environment, while reducing the need for artificial lighting and excessive energy consumption.
  • All paints, coatings, adhesives, and sealants used under our control or influence are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This ensures that potentially harmful off-gassing over time is minimized, providing a healthier indoor environment for our guests.
  • We utilize efficient LED lighting throughout our accommodations.
  • We have implemented low flow tap fittings and/or aerators in our kitchen and bathroom basin and shower faucets. These water-saving measures are designed to ensure effective and comfortable use while conserving water.
  • Our accommodations are equipped with dual flush or low flush volume toilets. 
  • We provide bins and clear signage in each unit to facilitate waste separation, enabling effective recycling and waste management.
  • To help guests minimize their use of single-use plastic during their stay, we make reusable shopping bags and other items available in the unit.
  • We measure our energy, water, fuel, laundry, and travel consumption, as well as the associated greenhouse gas emissions. By closely monitoring these aspects of our operations, we gain valuable insights into our resource usage and environmental impact.

We have implemented various behind-the-scenes measures at our organization to promote sustainability, including:

  1. Our offices are in a green building that incorporates best practices in sustainability and operational efficiency.
  2. We carefully select sites and units that are conveniently located and have a Walk Score of >75, encouraging walkability. Additionally, our accommodations feature efficient centralized water heating systems and incorporate further sustainable and efficient credentials. We account for our key carbon emissions using the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative methodology, and we are committed to our carbon neutral journey.
  3. We actively involve our staff in shaping and refining our sustainability measures and interventions.

Our Social Sustainability Journey

We are committed to three pillars of social sustainability:

  • Economic upliftment: We embrace Sustainable Development Goal 8: decent work and economic growth. Recognizing the high unemployment rate in South Africa, particularly among less skilled workers, we strive to support inclusive growth and a just transition. We achieve this by partnering with local SMEs and creating decent work opportunities for our staff, many of whom were previously unemployed. Additionally, we contribute to vulnerable communities indirectly through the carbon projects from which we procure offsets.
  • Gender equity: We support the 2X Challenge, which aims to unlock economic opportunities for women. As a woman-owned business, we are dedicated to creating job opportunities for women of all skills. We understand the unique economic and social challenges that women face, often having to balance multiple roles while earning a living.
  • Freedom from discrimination and violence: We prioritize the safety and security of our guests, staff, and other residents in the apartment blocks we occupy. All our apartments are equipped with smart locks that provide unique codes to each guest. This eliminates the risks associated with lost or misplaced keys, mitigating the potential for theft or intrusion. Similarly, we require our guests to accept terms and conditions that safeguard our values and prioritize the security of our staff and other residents.
For more information on our policies and approaches, please feel free to reach out to us!