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About Sustainable Stays

Experience luxury without compromising on sustainability - where every stay leaves a positive impact on the environment and the local community.

How it all started

Sustainable Stays was founded by a trio of sustainability property and infrastructure professionals who love to share Cape Town with visitors from near and far. Sustainable Stays describes our aspiration for your experience: that you will come to love this city as we do, returning again and again to enjoy its many facets, while doing so with sustainability in mind.

At the heart of our ethos is a desire to do good for people and planet. We source local wherever possible, showcasing SA’s creativity and incredible array of artisanal products. All of our properties are on a green journey, starting with energy and water efficiency. As part of our climate change response, we measure and manage our portfolio’s carbon footprint.

A few years back, Megan, Andre, and Gareth’s paths serendipitously converged while working on sustainable built environment and infrastructure projects. United by shared values and a commitment to value sharing, they forged a partnership with a common goal: to impart our passion for sustainability to visitors exploring our beloved Cape Town.

Gone are the days when home was merely a workplace. Today, home is where the heart resides, provided there’s fast internet! With this in mind, we’re curating a collection of premium apartments that will welcome you warmly and reinvigorate your spirit. Whether you’re a digital nomad seeking new adventures to enliven your senses or simply in need of a time out from a hectic schedule, our Sustainable Stays aim to fulfil those desires.

These exceptional spaces allow you to embrace all the wonders that Cape Town has to offer. Whether it’s leisurely strolls on the beach during the summer or cozy evenings by the fireplace in winter, our accommodations provide the perfect backdrop for experiencing the magic of this captivating city.

Our Ethos:

  1. Sustainability is at the Core of Our Values
    We are committed to showcasing South Africa’s creativity and artisanal products by prioritizing local sourcing wherever possible, contributing consciously to local job creation. Every one of our Stays embarks on a green journey, ensuring a carbon-neutral experience for each guest.
  2. Tireless Commitment Drives Us
    Our dedicated team shares a common goal: to consistently deliver an exceptional experience to every guest, without fail.
  3. Connection is Where We Begin
    At Sustainable Stays, every guest receives our undivided attention. We strive to understand and cater to everyone’s needs, ensuring they can extract the utmost enjoyment from this magnificent city.
  4. Unmatched Creativity and Innovation
    What sets Sustainable Stays apart is our commitment to delivering a distinctive and unparalleled experience, ensuring that guests return to us time and time again.

Stay with Us and Experience it Yourself!

Don’t just take our word for it—explore our reviews and testimonials to see the experiences others have had. Come and stay with us, holding us to our promises!

Our Goals

Transforming Cape Town And South Africa

Our team is growing to include some of the most amazing South African people, each of whom bring a rich story and perspective that helps to shape and mould our Stays. Each of us is committed to doing the best we can and to showcasing the magic of Cape Town and South Africa.

We hope to be hosting you at one of our Sustainable Stays soon!

You are in good hands